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Timeline of Women Air Force Service Pilots - Link provided by Mike from Harrison Park Community Center!
Billabong Clipper
Australian Air National Guard
Travelers Dream - For Sale
Luciano's Aicraft Site - AWAC, ASW, AEW Aircraft
Keith Buckingham - Clark AB
Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl
Summary of ASW Aircraft (Portugese?/Spanish?/?)
Teton Aviation Warbird Collection
Davis Monthan & the Aircraft Boneyard
The Aviation Hobby Site by Joao Vidal (Portugese Military Information)
Portugese Military Aviation
NAS Grosse Ile, MI.
G & P Sales
USCG ARSC Elizabeth City
The US Naval Aircraft Special Interest Group(SIG) of the IPMS (modeling)
Sport Flyer's - Amphibians, Floatplanes, Seaplanes
A Shop Called Mango
The Jesse Davidson Aviation History Archives
Exact Scale Grumman Goose
Cool Airplanes - Under construction
Raising Grumman - How Leroy Grumman and Jake Swirbul built a high-flying company from the ground up
Un-official USAF E-mail locator
CGAS Kodiak 50th Anniversary - Online Magazine for Air & Sea Enthusiasts
Air Force Association
Arance Art - Fabulous Digitally created artwork
News Article about commeration of Record Flight
Ancient Order of the Pterodactyls
The Ponceby Flight Around the World 1998
Plane & Pilot article on Cayman Islands Flight
1998 Carnauba Expedition Updates
Replicas by Tyson - Display Models
Stanford University - Reid Dennis
Retracing Earhart's Route
Flight Report - HU-16A Albatross
United States Sea Service History and Graphics (Insignia)
Ft. Pierce International Seaplane Museum & Education Center
IPMS Canada - RCAF Photos, Future article on RCAF CSR-110
The World's Only DC-3 On Floats
Grumman Albatross - Foreign Site (Can anybody translate?)
Lake Bracciano - Italy
Military Aviation of the Repulic of China
Go Navy!
Albatross Operators
Flight of the Albatross
Rainbow Hunter - Diving Expeditions aboard an Albatross
Rainbow Hunter - Mirror Site
Mirabella Yachts, Inc. - Aviation Division
Pictures/Misc Pages
Vic's Aviation History Site
Caribbean Conservation Corps
Russian Page? (Can Anybody Translate this for me)
Rick's Seaplane Base
Pterodrome Website
Jimmy Buffett's Grumman Albatross
Jimmy Buffett's Grumman Albatross
Grumman Albatross Cockpit - Requires Quicktime Video
Grumman HU-16A Albatross Pictorial Tour
Southern Cross Seaplanes Limited (For Flight Sim 98)
Grumman Albatross in RCAF Service - Great pictures of RCAF Airplane
Grumman Albatross - Chile
Aviation Enthusiasts Corner - HU-16
Gustins Military Aircraft Database
Albatross Pictures
Grumman Albatross - Under Construction
US Navy History Page - Records set by the Albatross
Grumman Albatross
Aircraft of CGAS Brooklyn
APVW Civil Aviation Images
3rd Air Rescue Squadron History
Portugese Page - Under Construction
Virtual Aviation Museum - HU-16 (English)
Virtual Aviation Museum - HU-16 (German)
Poobah's Middletown Adventure
Jesse Davidson Photo Archives
History of the Brazilian Air Force
Icelandic Coast Guard
71st Rescue Squadron
CGAS Kodiak
NAS Adak
UF-1 - Charlie Joseph
Albatross spottings at Atsugi
Home of M.A.T.S - Grumman Aircraft
Canadian Wings Database
US Museums
RCAF Database
Other Seaplane Pages
Pan American World Airways Heritage Site
Duane's Grumman Seaplane Page
Forest Industries - Martin Mars
Gneech's Grumman Goose Page
The Seaplane Site
Martin Hadley's Seaplane Page
Water Birds
Hydravions et amphibies (French)
The Goose Roost
The Goose Forum
Seawings - The Flying Boat Website
The Goose Hangar